10 Golf Fitness Books

By on 11th April 2016
Golf Fitness Books

The modern golfer is well aware of the benefits of fitness training and physical conditioning to their golf performance. Nearly every tour pro has a strength coach or personal trainer on their coaching ticket and many amateurs also regularly engage in physical training to enhance their game. Physical preparation can vastly improve your game, take strokes off your score and increase your overall enjoyment of the game.

Many golfers develop a keen interest in learning about golf specific physical training. There are numerous books, blogs, and YouTube videos that are readily available to help you increase your knowledge on the subject and develop your game physically.

In this article we have researched the most popular golf fitness books on the market. Each book is written by a renowned industry expert and brings a different approach to developing your physical golf game.

Golf Fitness Training: Core to Score by Christian Henning

Christian Henning is the owner of GetGolfFit and is a professional golf fitness coach. Christian is most renowned as a top author in the field of golf fitness having released a series of highly successful golf fitness books and workouts.

Golf experts regularly champion core strength as an essential element to golf performance. Core muscles aid in movement control and help to transfer energy to the limbs from the centre of the body. This book by Christian Henning aims to guide golfers in developing core fitness to enhance their game.

The book offers a graded training programme that aims to build strength, power, endurance, and flexibility.

Complete Conditioning for Golf by Pete Draovitch

Pete Draovitch has famously worked as PGA Tour star Greg Norman’s physical coach since 1993. An accomplished writer, Draovitch has had articles appear in GOLF Magazine, Muscle Training in Orthopedics and Sports, Physical Therapy, and numerous other publications. He has been featured in golf segments on ESPN, NBC High Performance Golf, and 60 Minutes and in articles in GOLF Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and USA Today.

Complete Conditioning for Golf aims to help you develop the power, flexibility, and coordinated swing required to generate explosive force for maximum distance. This book provides 105 exercises and drills to develop your strength, power, flexibility, and coordination. Also included is a 15-minute workout developed specifically for people with hectic schedules who want to maintain strength and flexibility for golf. More than 100 demonstration photos are included to ensure proper technique. The authors also include a nutrition chapter.

Golf Fitness: Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes by Christian Henning

Our second offering from prolific golf fitness author Christian Henning is Golf Fitness: Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes: Drive the Fat Out of Your Game for Lower Scores

This book offers another series of training programmes to follow that aim to help the golfer lose weight and gain muscle and endurance/stamina. All programmes included are designed to require very little in terms of equipment. Initial programmes are bodyweight only exercise with a progression to dumbbells, stability ball, medicine ball, and other readily available items.

Weight Training For Golf: The Ultimate Guide by Kai Fusser

Kai Fusser is an industry leading golf fitness expert that has worked with a number of Hall of Fame golfers. Kai has worked with Annika Sorenstam, Graeme McDowell, Jonas Blixt, Anna Nordqvist, Karen Stupples, and Batrice Recari among others.

Weight Training for Golf contains descriptions and photographs of effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by Kai Fusser in training his clients, including the 2010 US Open champion, Graeme McDowell and World Golf Hall of Famer, Annika Sorenstam. This book features year-round golf-specific weight-training programs that aim to improve your golfing performance.

The Flexible Golf Swing: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Improving Flexibility and Mastering Golf’s True Fundamentals by Roger Fredericks

Roger Fredericks worked as Arnold Palmer’s strength coach for many years. In addition to Arnold Palmer, Roger has been involved with over 14 Hall of Fame Athletes from numerous other sports.

This book brings readers through a step-by-step analysis of why golfers struggle to improve and details a structure to combat this. This book takes a common sense approach and outlines the fundamentals of the golf swing, and precisely how the mechanics are merely symptoms of how a body functions.

Golf Rx: A 15-Minute-a-Day Core Program for More Yards and Less Pain by Vijay Vad M.D and Dave Allen

Dr. Vijay Vad is a world renowned sports physician with a speciality in working with back injuries and issues. Dave Allen is a popular golf teaching professional with a depth of knowledge and experience in the golf industry.

It is estimated that half of all recreational golfers and one-third of all professional golfers suffer from some form of lower-back pain. Research conducted by sports-medicine specialist Vijay Vad, M.D., reveals that the swing is only one of several factors. Golf Rx is a practical guide that brings the findings of one of America’s leading sports-medicine experts to golfers of all levels.

Golf Anatomy by Craig Davies

Dr. Craig Davies has extensive experience working with international team events, including the President’s Cup and Ryder Cup. Also, Dr. Davies has worked with a long list of elite golfers including, PGA tour players like Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose, Y.E. Yang, SY Noh, Tiger Woods, Anthony Kim, Sean O’Hair, Kevin Chappell, Cameron Tringale, Graham DeLaet and Stephen Ames.

In Golf Anatomy, Davies and co-author Vince DiSaia link fitness and golf through anatomical illustrations of 72 golf-specific exercises – highlighting muscles in action. Each chapter develops the key components of a good swing: mobility, stability, balance, body awareness, strength, and power.

The book also includes a chapter on injury prevention for the lower back, elbows, wrists, shoulders, and hips-common problem areas for golfers.

Yoga for Golfers : A Unique Mind-Body Approach to Golf Fitness by Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts’ work in golf has been profiled by USA Today, The National Post (Canada), Golf Magazine, Golfweek, Golf Tips Magazine, and other notable publications. Katherine is a regular on The Golf Channel’s TV shows, and is the host of “Yoga for Golfers” and co-host of “The Big Break”. Katherine has released over nine DVDs and is author of several golf books.

In addition to her fitness and performance work in golf, Katherine has been working in Major League Baseball (MLB) for more than a decade, serving as the Yoga Performance Coach for MLB teams including the Oakland As, LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Yoga for Golfers attempts to connect the mind and body to create a powerful fitness regimen. The book covers yoga postures specifically selected for a golfer’s needs. Also, Katherine Roberts goes into detail on proper breathing techniques and outlines a number of methods for mind-relaxation. The author specifies numerous stretches to help reduce injury before returning to the psychological side to outline visualization tools to give success on the course.

Performance Training for Golf: Fitness Training for the Sport of Golf by Sean Cochran

Sean Cochran is the Founder of SCSP and is a well-known performance coach across the sports industry. Cochran’s career in professional athletics has spanned over 15 years with top positions in Major League Baseball and on the PGA Tour. Over the span of his career as a strength and conditioning coach, Sean has worked with 5-time Major winner Phil Mickelson, U.S. Open Champion Corey Pavin, Senior U.S. Open Champion Peter Jacobsen, and LPGA Winners Hee Won Han, IK Kim, and Jennifer Johnson.

This book aims to provide golfers with the exercises to develop clubhead speed, increase flexibility, and reduce lower back injuries.

Golf Fitness: Play Better, Play Without Pain, Play Longer, and Enjoy the Game More by Karen Palacios-Jansen

Karen Palacios-Jansen was the 2008 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, and has been voted as one of America’s 10586355“Top 50 Female Instructors” by Golf Digest magazine for the past 20 years.

Karen has appeared on The Golf Channel and is a regular content contributor to Golf Digest Magazine’s ‘Fitness Friday” column and other online platforms.

This book looks at the tips and techniques used by today’s top golfers: Master’s Champion Trevor Immelman’s exercise routine, Stuart Appleby on how to develop the “power move,” LPGA Tour pro Suzanne Petersen’s routine for top performance, Phil Mickelson’s trainer Sean Cochran on staying fit in the off-season, and more. Golf Fitness includes exercises to improve the golf swing, details on better warm-ups, whole-body workout routines, and notes on nutrition.




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