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Golf Perform is an online community where golfers of all levels can interact with each other, ask questions, get tips, discuss issues, and learn from the World’s top golf coaches.

Golf Perform gives you the tools you need to develop the parts of your game that are often neglected – your fitness and your mental game. So, whether you are looking to develop more power in your swing or learn how to ignore distractions when putting, this community is your solution.

Our team want to help you to unlock your physical and psychological potential. World renowned contributors include:

  • Dr. Liam Hennessy – Fitness coach to 3-time Major winner Padraig Harrington
  • Dr. Fran Pirozzolo – Sports Psychologist to MLB and NFL teams, Professional Boxers, and NCAA D1 colleges (golf )
  • Matthew Ellis – Former elite level golfer and Sports Psychologist to the Golf Union of Wales and the English Golf Union
  • Many more!


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